YFS Legal

YFS operates a community legal centre in the Logan community. Although we are for all ages we do specialise in providing information, advice, and representation for clients 10 – 25 years of age who find themselves needing help with criminal law matters.



How we can help

As part of our service we provide a duty lawyer at the Beenleigh Children’s Court on Monday mornings each fortnight.

YFS Legal also provide one-off free legal advice appointments on family, civil, tenancy and criminal law matters.  There are certain areas of law that YFS Legal cannot assist with, such as personal injury, business matters or advice to landlords.

YFS Legal run regular clinics at a number of locations. If we can assist with a specific matter an appointment may be made – you need an appointment in order to attend.

For one-off advice, each appointment is limited to 20 to 30 minutes.

Who is eligible

People of all ages from Logan and surrounds who require legal advice.


YFS Legal volunteer service

As part of our commitment to the community we have a Wednesday night legal clinic which is supported by volunteer practising solicitors, lawyers and barristers from the greater Brisbane community. If you wish to volunteer your time at the clinic please click on contact us and give us a call.



Click on the “newsroom” for a number of informative brochures which may help your situation.

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Parties and the law brochure

Alcohol, drugs and the law brochure

Family law brochure


How to use our services

YFS understands it is hard to ring without knowing exactly what to ask for, that’s why we have one central door for all new people, called YFS Connect.

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