Neil, 42, is a single father who needed support managing the complex needs of his daughter, Alexis.

At the age of 3, she was diagnosed with an intellectual impairment and when she started school, Neil was advised she may need help.

Woodridge State School referred Neil to YFS after Alexis went into his care two years ago. She will turn 7 in May and she recently started Year 2 in the Special Education program.

Neil has three kids but only Alexis lives with him. His life revolves around his daughter and her activities.

He joined YFS’ Step by Step program and with his worker Sarah, he developed a plan including a set of goals for him to work on.

“My worker has been really helpful. She helped me organise all of Alexis’ paperwork. I’m not really good at it. I’m getting better now. Her help has allowed me to become even more confident as a parent.”

Sarah, his worker, says Neil also engaged in parenting courses like Triple P and he continues to develop his parenting skills to manage Alexis’ behaviour more effectively.

“Neil has overcome his own barriers. He’s done very well in working towards achieving his goals, including learning more about nutritional options for her daughter’s school and home snacks,” said Sarah.

Neil says he feel he’s going alright.

“There’s nothing wrong with my daughter, but I didn’t mind getting a bit of help at all. I feel I have control of her behaviour even though it changes as she gets older.”

On a normal day, Neil and Alexis go to the park and spend more time together. He misses work but he also says he will be able to look for a job when Alexis is older.

“I haven’t worked since I’ve had my daughter with me. I’d like to get on track again but I know it’s going to be a hard road. Having my daughter with me makes me really happy.”

“I’d love to travel. I’m looking forward to the future and this includes my other children who do not live with me.”