A great place 

 to belong 

We respect each other’s backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences.

“All of us at YFS value difference. We strive to maintain gender and ethnic diversity because we’ve found we collaborate better that way. Aside from reflecting the Logan community, our different backgrounds mean we each bring something different to the table. And having diversity in thinking allows us to innovate more easily to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.”

Cath Bartolo, YFS CEO

There are 234 cultural groups living in Logan

While we cannot represent each group within our talented staff, we value Logan’s ethnic diversity and strive to reflect it in our workplace.
We respect each other’s backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences.
Great work arrangements

We recognise that staff have their individual needs, so we support you to bring the entire you to work. Depending on your role, we support a number of flexible work arrangements.

Work-life balance

We offer part-time work and other options to promote work-life balance.

Culturally safe

We accommodate the cultural and religious needs of our diverse staff.

For example, we actively bring our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation Action Plan to life, offering specific work arrangements for our First Nations staff.

Family friendly

Our work arrangements are family friendly.

It’s usually no problem if you need the morning off to attend your child’s school play, for example.

Employment benefits

We know a happy workplace is a thriving workplace. So we make sure our staff are rewarded.

Above industry-average pay rates
Counselling support
Generous salary packaging

(exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax)

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