Getting the most from ParentsNext

Advice for existing participants

While ParentsNext has received negative media coverage in recent months, YFS maintains that it’s a great program. In the past three years, it’s helped more than 6000 parents in the Logan area prepare for the workforce.

In July 2018, the Federal Government changed ParentsNext to attach a Targeted Compliance Framework to it. This requires parents to report their activities in order to keep receiving the Parenting Payment.

At YFS we don’t think the Targeted Compliance Framework is necessary. We think most parents want to get ahead so they can be good role models for their kids and be financially independent.

But we need to work with it.

Here are our tips for getting the most out of ParentsNext

  1. ParentsNext is designed to help you be ready to work when your youngest turns six, so you don’t end up on Newstart.
  2. ParentsNext is about your personal goals – ParentsNext can’t make you work or study if you don’t want to. They can’t make you go to playgroup or story time either.
  3. As a ParentsNext participant you do have to come up with an activity that you want to do that helps you reach your goals eventually. This could be looking into jobs you’re interested in, or taking your child to appointments.
  4. ParentsNext participants have access to funds to help them pursue their goals – ask your provider about this.
  5. Your ParentsNext provider should help you come up with ways to report on your activities so you don’t have payments suspended.
  6. If you forget to report or you miss an appointment, ring your ParentsNext provider straight away so they can reinstate your payments.

Contact our ParentsNext workers on 3826 1500 for further advice.

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