Financial Counselling and Problem Gambling

Our Financial Counselling service aims to assist people who find themselves having difficulty paying off regular bills or are having trouble paying off debt.

Our Problem Gambling Financial Counselling service works with people who are in financial difficulty because of gambling problems.

How we can help

Our counsellors work with people to understand their financial situation by providing information, setting goals, developing budgets and sorting out immediate financial problems.

We work with you to:

  • create a personal budget so you know how much you have to spend
  • improve your financial planning and setting goals
  • counsel you through tough financial situations
  • advocate on your behalf with people or companies you owe money to.

We also work with people who have identified a problem with sports betting, poker machines, scratchies, or lotto tickets to address the financial problems caused by gambling. We also undertake community education activities and work with local gambling venues to spread the messages about good financial management.

 Who is eligible

Anyone from the Logan area and surrounds who is 16 years and over who finds themselves in debt or unable to pay their bills for any reason.

Anyone from Logan and surrounds who thinks they may have a problem with gambling or who has a family member who is a problem gambler.


How to use our services

YFS understands it is hard to ring without knowing exactly what to ask for, that’s why we have one central door for all new people, called YFS Connect.

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