Sharlene’s confidence is soaring as she welcomes visitors to her home.

At 36, she is on a disability pension. She lives on her own, loves catching up with friends and spending time with her puppy and her birds.

Six years ago when Sharlene joined YFS Disability Services, she says she was shy and scared.

“I thought I couldn’t do much. I didn’t know what I was capable of,” she says.

After joining the YFS Café Group for a while Sharlene started doing one on one sessions with Margaret from YFS’ Disability Services last October. She says it’s been life-changing.

“My worker has taught me about time management and budgeting and that has helped me take control of my money.”

“I’ve made big progress with keeping my house clean and doing that every week before she comes in,” Sharlene says.

According to Margaret, Sharlene shows more initiative now and is open to new experiences.

“Before, she didn’t care about doing her housework or her living environment. Now when I arrive, she’s already got her washing on or on the line and has everything ready so we can do some cooking when we go home.”

“This is a new development for her. She’s getting more health conscious and just generally in her own self, managing a budget. She’s come a long way. Every week she tries to keep track of her spending which wasn’t happening before,” said Margaret.

Sharlene says she  feels more confident these days.

“I’ve got Centrepay set up for my main bills.  My mum and my friends come and visit me sometimes. They’ve also seen good progress in me. They know my house is a lot nicer, cleaner and a bit changed. I feel good that people have noticed that different atmosphere of my place.”

As she takes time to reflect, she celebrates her own successes. One she is really proud of is volunteering at a day care centre every Monday.

“I go there from 10 am to 12 pm. It’s very busy. I do some activities with the children. I keep an eye on everyone if they need extra assistance. I like children. I really enjoy doing that.”

“I catch the bus to get there. That is something I can do on my own, thanks to YFS.”

“I went on holidays on the 23rd up to Caloundra and stayed at my friend’s place for Christmas. I caught the train and then the bus from the Landsborough station on my own. I’m confident enough to do it on my own now.”

Sharlene is excited about the future. She looks forward to see what life has in store for her.

“I would like to go to Canada one day to catch up with my friend that lives there. I’ve been saving some money.”