Families with children

Our Step by Step program helps vulnerable families function better, through hands-on assistance with practical matters and counselling to address underlying issues.

For Browns Plains and Beaudesert families with complex issues, the Intensive Family Support program works closely with parents to help them improve their children’s safety and care.

Assessment and Service Connect can help if your family comes to the attention of Child Safety, they can bring us in to assist you and your children while they conduct their investigation and assessment.

YFS works with families to help families work better, so that children grow up in environments where they can thrive.


Step by Step

How we can help

Our Step by Step team will work with you to help you meet the challenges of being a good parent.  We provide information and advice on how to help your children as they grow, and practical help with things like school enrolments, budgeting and housing applications.

Counselling is also available – we help you come up with strategies to improve your relationships and your family’s well-being.

Who is eligible

Families from Logan and surrounds who are experiencing difficulties with parenting and family wellbeing.



Intensive Family Support

How we can help

Our Intensive Family Support workers provide intensive case management – this means they will work closely with you to help you get the skills and support you need to care for and protect your children and help your family work well. We will help you strengthen your practical skills, parenting skills and your confidence. We’ll help you connect with culture, friends, family and community and help you with your ability to communicate and to manage stress. If you need other services, like housing or health, we’ll help you find what you need.

Who is eligible

Families from the Browns Plains and Beaudesert areas and surrounds who need additional support to keep their children safe and well.



Assessment and Service Connect

How we can help

If your family come to the attention of Child Safety, they can bring us in to assist you and your children while they conduct their investigation and assessment. We can work with you to make quick connections to the right services that will help you to keep your children safe.

Who is eligible

Families with an open investigation at the Bayside, Beaudesert, Beenleigh, Brown’s Plains, Logan Central and Loganlea Child Safety service Centres.

Client story

Neil, 42, is a single father who came to YFS because he needed support managing the complex needs of his intellectually impaired daughter, Alexis. His life revolves around his daughter and her activities.

Joining YFS Step by Step program has helped Neil overcome his own barriers and achieve his parenting goals. He feels he’s made very good progress and is now more confident as a parent.

How to use our services

YFS understands it is hard to ring without knowing exactly what to ask for, that’s why we have one central door for all new people, called YFS Connect.

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