we are 

At YFS, we back people not just to overcome adversity, but to thrive.

We know everyone needs secure housing, a decent income and safe relationships. But we also understand the importance of skills, connections and hope.

70% of people who contact YFS have housing issues. By the time they leave us, 80% are securely housed, 80% feel safer and 85% report improved financial wellbeing.

We achieve these outcomes through integrated services and partnerships. For example, families escaping domestic violence work with our domestic violence counsellors, financial counsellors, housing specialists and employment advisors.

Our evaluations show integrated approaches are cost effective. They break intergenerational cycles of disadvantage and crisis.

We have been doing this work in Logan since 1983. We’re well run, with strong management, skilled staff, firm governance and an established reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality services.

Our 2021-2024 Theory of Change and Strategic Framework outlines our current priorities.

Our vision


Our values

We deliver quality services and have high expectations


We act honestly and openly


We think and act with confidence about people and the future


We persist to overcome barriers and adversity with our clients


We challenge ourselves and others to create change

We stand for ...

A stable home is fundamental to achieve independence and participation. 

Some families need help to create safe environments where every member can thrive.

All of our programs and services promote skills development, from coping to financial literacy and work-related training.

We help people to increase their income through work and to manage their money.

Connections with others, and with supports and services, are necessary for participation in community life.

We help people raise their expectations for the future and their confidence in their ability to succeed.

Trauma responsiveness

We are committed to responding in the best ways possible for people who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

The YFS Trauma Responsive Practice Framework is based on research and input from YFS staff.

It outlines a YFS understanding of trauma and its impacts and helps us respond to people who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

In providing our services, we are committed to a strengths-based approach that recognises trauma, understands the effects it has on individuals, families and communities and is sensitive and responsive to these effects.

We believe that through this approach, our needs-based service delivery will also support healing and recovery from trauma.

Our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults

YFS is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of all of our clients.

In line with our legal and moral obligations, we will contact relevant authorities when we are concerned about someone’s safety.

We are committed to preventing the abuse of children and vulnerable adults, identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks.

Read our Safeguarding Framework to find out more.

YFS is a signatory to the Logan Children’s Charter.

Our culture

At YFS, people are inspired, encouraged and supported to overcome adversities that might be holding them down, so they can thrive in life.
We are dedicated to developing and providing services based on respect and understanding of First Nations peoples, knowledge, cultures and values.
We value diversity and inclusion to maintain the dignity, rights and wellbeing of our clients and staff.

We support each other and stand our ground when necessary to help Logan people thrive, not just survive.

The Christian Brothers opened our doors in 1983. We are proud of the achievements of our predecessors and have developed a timeline of their achievements.

On the YFS Board are business and community leaders from the greater Brisbane region.

We work with local businesses, and government organisations and community groups to bring about real, long-term change for people in Logan.

Our commitment to quality

YFS has quality assurance and national accreditation in the following areas.

National Community Legal Centre Accreditation

Human Services Quality Standards (programs funded by participating Queensland Government departments)