financial hardship?  

We can support you to address your financial problems, make informed choices, and build your skills in budgeting and managing your money.

Having money troubles?

Anyone can hit tough times – natural disasters like floods, health problems, job loss, family violence or feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re experiencing financial problems, our financial workers can help you to sort things out, get on track and help you find the tools to build your financial future. Our services are free, confidential and supportive.

Impacted by the 2022 floods?

If you’ve been impacted by the floods and need help sorting out your finances and insurance, our financial counsellors can help.

They can also help you find out what support services are available including REBUILD grants.

Find out what support services are available.

Having problems with your electricity and gas bills?

We can help you work out a payment plan, tell you about concessions and rebates and give you advice on how to save money on future bills.

Find out about home energy advice.

Need a No Interest Loan?

Borrow money for essential goods and services with no fees, no interest ever. You pay back only what you borrow and nothing more.

Find out about No Interest Loans (NILs).

Take back control of your money

If you are having trouble paying regular bills or paying off debt, our financial counsellors can work with you.

Our service is free, confidential and supportive.

Find out how our Financial Counsellors can help.

Financial support services

Enhance your skills in managing your money with the support of our Money Smart financial capability workers.

They can assist you to:

  • identify how much you have to spend each week
  • understand the bills you have to pay
  • seek out better deals on regular bills like electricity, gas and telephones
  • develop saving techniques
  • access government concessions.

The best thing is their services are free.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who lives in Logan and surrounds.

If you are having financial problems like difficulty paying regular bills or are having trouble paying off debt, our financial counsellors can work with you to understand your story. They can help you to:
  • create a budget so you know how much you have to spend
  • outline your options to deal with fines and debts including rent arrears
  • access hardship relief
  • borrow money without fees or charges
  • improve your financial planning and set goals
  • counsel you through tough financial situations
  • help you make informed decisions to resolve your financial problems
  • advocate on your behalf with people or companies you owe money to
  • link you with other local services or sources of support as necessary.
The best thing is their services are free.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who lives in Logan City or Beaudesert who is having trouble paying bills.

Our specialist problem gambling financial counsellors could support you to develop a financially secure future.

They back people who are in financial trouble because of sports betting, poker machines, scratchies, lotto tickets and other forms of gambling.

Maybe you are a family member of a problem gambler.

They can work with you to develop strategies to protect your funds and reclaim a sense of control over your money.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who lives in Logan and surrounds who is in financial difficulty due to gambling.

Through a unique partnership with AGL, we support AGL customers throughout Queensland who are having a hard time paying their gas and/or electricity bills. Our free home energy advice service can assist you in ways that go beyond traditional payment plans. The goal is to develop a plan that suits your own needs: one that matches your financial situation and what you can afford to pay. You will speak directly with a dedicated worker, who will talk through your options and can advocate on your behalf.

Concessions and grants

As an AGL customer, you may qualify for various concessions administered by AGL on behalf of the Queensland Government. We can connect you to any concessions and grants that might apply.
  • Energy Rebate
  • Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate
  • Electricity Life Support Concession Scheme
  • Home Energy Emergency Assistance
  • Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme

Tips to manage your account

We can work out payment options for you, including access to Centrelink’s Centrepay facility. AGL’s Bill Smoothing service can reduce “bill shock” by spreading your estimated yearly energy costs over small, regular instalments. YFS can also request more time from AGL for you to pay a bill.

Tips to reduce your energy use

We can offer you advice on energy efficiency to help you save money on future energy bills. For example, when buying a new appliance, look for its energy rating. Whether it is a new washer, dryer, fridge or freezer, the more stars, the less energy you will use. Fitting your home with energy efficient light globes will also save you money in the long term. Also, check out the Be Energy Wise videos below.

Tips to manage your financial situation

If you live in Logan, we can connect you with YFS’ free and independent financial counsellors. They can:
  • suggest ways to improve your financial situation
  • negotiate repayment arrangements with your creditors
  • help you apply for a hardship variation
  • help you organise your finances.

Who is eligible?

AGL customers (electricity and gas) in Queensland.

Do you have an unpaid infringement fine or toll debt?  Our financial counsellors can contact the State Penalties Enforcement Register (SPER) on your behalf and negotiate a payment deferral for up to three months or a more affordable payment plan.

If your SPER debt is small, they could also negotiate a Work and Development Order.

This could reduce your SPER debt by $50 for every hour of financial counselling you undertake.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who lives in the Logan or Beaudesert areas who is having trouble paying their SPER debt.

No Interest Loans (NILs) are a smart choice loan option to help you manage your money.

An initiative of Good Shepherd Microfinance, NILs is a safe and fair loan option. Unlike payday loans or rent-to-buy schemes, there are no fees and no interest, ever. You pay back only what you borrow and nothing more.

Loans are available for up to $2,000, depending on your income and the type of goods or services you need.

NILS loans can cover:

  • household items like fridges, washing machines, stoves, dryers, freezers and furniture
  • some medical and dental services
  • education essentials such as computers and textbooks
  • some other items as requested.

Repayments are set at an affordable amount over 12 to 18 months.

No Interest Loans for vehicles

No Interest Loans are available for $2,000 to $5,000 for the purchase of an essential vehicle including cars, scooters, mobility scooters, motorcycles and boats.

We can help you with your NILs application

Contact us to get an information pack or take a look at our Guide for applicants to find out what you need to apply.

Once you have the required documentation ready, you can ring and make an appointment to go through the application.

We can support you to make a loan application during your appointment.


Who is eligible?

  • You must have a Health Care or Pension card or
  • Earn less than $57,000 a year after tax (or $75,000 for joint applicants or people with dependants) or
  • Have experienced domestic or family violence within the last 10 years.

Loans cannot be used for cash, rent arrears, debt consolidation or bills.

There are no credit checks.

YFS receives some government funding to provide emergency financial support for people who are struggling due to unforeseen hardship.

There are several organisations providing emergency relief in the Logan area – click here to see which one is most appropriate for your needs.

If you’re struggling with rent arrears, YFS may be able to help. Call us on 3826 1500 to find out if we can help you get on top of your financial situation.

Who is eligible

Check the Emergency Relief list for eligibility conditions for each provider.

Reaching out to the Logan community

Organisations throughout the Logan area rely on our financial workers to deliver community education sessions about good financial management and home energy savings.

Select the link above to secure one of our workers to speak at your event.

Debt busting work

We coordinate Logan’s Done with Debt campaign to prevent Logan residents from getting into debt through the rental of appliances, computers, phones or furniture.

The campaign talks about the true costs of rent-to-buy arrangements.

In 2019, we united with government agencies and local community groups to stage Logan’s first Deal with Debt Day.

Information and advice

Our financial counsellors and financial capability workers have created short videos providing great information on managing money. 

Check them out below.