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 into the 


Our employment preparation services could be the starting point of your future.

We can support you with learning, training and volunteering opportunities that make you stand out in the job market.

If you’re a Logan parent of young children, connect with our ParentsNext workers.

Each year, they help hundreds of people prepare to join the workforce when their children start school.

Our ParentsNext workers are specialists in supporting you with:

  • developing your skills, such as literacy, social skills, job-specific knowledge and job search know-how
  • enhancing your confidence and motivation – helping you feel positive about your work prospects
  • addressing challenges – sorting out issues that make it hard to start working.

While you’re working with us, you could find a job or start education or training. Or you might improve your readiness to do these things in the future.

Who is eligible?

For many people, participating in ParentsNext is a condition of receiving the Parenting Payment. Services Australia will refer you to us if they feel the program is right for you.

We also welcome parents of young children who are on a parenting payment but aren’t referred by Services Australia and want help getting ready for work. 

Spark exists to back people to achieve employment or improved work readiness, particularly people who need more support than the mainstream employment services can offer.

Our Spark team can light the way to a brighter future by connecting you with opportunities to work or learn.

We listen to your dreams, goals and aspirations and then work with you to create a pathway to achieve them.

  • Develop your job search know-how.
  • Gain knowledge about specific jobs and undertake training.
  • Connect with prospective employers.
  • Take on a volunteering role.

This program has proven its effectiveness in backing the people to get jobs.

Who is eligible?

Anyone in Logan and surrounds who is homeless or at risk of being homeless

Our social enterprise Substation33 offers voluntary work placements that have the added bonus of giving back to the environment.

Substation33 provides a supportive work environment where volunteers can learn skills, improve their work readiness and get help to look for work.

Activities you can undertake at Substation33 include:

  • e-waste recycling
  • 3D printing/CAD
  • IT services
  • software development
  • hardware development
  • design/prototyping
  • audio visual
  • jewellery making.

Who is eligible?

Anyone. A wide range of people participate at Substation33 including older people, Work for the Dole participants, university students, jobseekers, students with a disability, and people who want help to move into work.

While we are not currently offering traineeships, we hope to call for applications in the near future.

For many years, our Substation33 team has offered traineeships in land management.

With funding from Skilling Queenslanders for Work, teams of trainees have rehabilitated and cleared the disused rail corridor from Bethania to Beaudesert.

Trainees learned skills in horticulture and first aid, and gained work experience that helped them move into other work when they finished.

Who is eligible?

Jobseekers who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and have difficulty finding work.