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We understand it is hard to ring without knowing exactly what to ask for. That’s why we have one central door for all new people, called YFS Connect.

Our services are free, so when you ring or visit us, you’ll speak with a member of our YFS Connect team.

They will help you find a service that best meets what you’re looking for and prevent you from being caught in a frustrating referral roundabout.

Phone: 07 3826 1500
Feedback line: 07 3826 1596
Or fill in our contact form below for a call back.

YFS Head Office: 376 Kingston Road, Slacks Creek, Queensland

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Feedback and complaints

YFS welcomes feedback and complaints; feedback is essential for us to continue to improve and is treated confidentially.

  • We support your right to comment or complain about any aspect of our services.
  • You can contact us by using the contact form, by coming in to see us in person or by calling our feedback line: (07) 3826 1596.
  • If you do not provide your name, we will still follow up on your feedback. However, we may be unable to contact you about how we have responded.
  • If you provide your contact details, we will contact you to discuss your complaint, then review it and get back to you with an outcome.
  • If you’re not happy with how we deal with your complaint, you can contact the YFS Chief Executive Officer on 07 3826 1500.
  • If after talking to the CEO you’re still not satisfied, you can ask us which department funds your program and contact them directly.

Find out more in our Complaints and Disputes Policy.

If you feel as through YFS has breached your human rights, please contact us in the first instance.

Under the Human Rights Act 2019, you may contact the Human Rights Commission if we do not respond to your complaint within 45 business days (approximately 9 weeks) or if our response is not satisfactory for you.

If you’re not sure who funds the service you wish to provide feedback about, please contact us.