We would be honoured if you joined forces with us in backing people who are homeless, living below the poverty line or experiencing other adversities to create better futures.

If you’d like to explore how you could make a philanthropic donation, or family or trust giving, please contact our Philanthropy team on 07 3826 1500 or reach out to us online. ​

You can make a difference

In 2019-20, our “front door” team, YFS Connect, responded to more than 13,920 requests for information, advice or referrals.

Our program teams supported more than 7000 people. An additional 600 people gained skills at Substation33.

But, we’re still only reaching a fraction of people in Logan who are living below the poverty line.

YFS relies on the generosity of philanthropists to achieve our vision of backing vulnerable people to build their independence and participation.

Your support will ensure more young people and families in Logan and surrounds get access to the support they need to thrive, empowering them to create better futures.

You can direct your gift to a specific YFS program or an area of interest.

Alternatively, you might prefer flexible funding, allowing us to direct the funds to where they are most needed.

Our evidence-based approach

A hallmark of the YFS approach is our commitment to continuously review our approach and our community.

This approach keeps us at the forefront of community services in Queensland.

It also gives our philanthropists confidence that together, we can make the greatest impact.

Keep track of the difference you make

We’re committed to wisely using the funds you entrust to us. 

To find out more, see our latest Impact Report, which includes our Financial Report.