What you can expect from us

YFS is committed in building independence and participation. We deliver services designed to promote independence and citizenship. We champion rights and responsibility and clients taking up social, cultural and economic opportunities.

Your Rights

  • Be taken seriously
  • Be treated fairly
  • Be safe
  • Have your privacy respected
  • Know what is happening with your services
  • Ask as many questions as possible
  • Complain about any aspect of the service

Your Responsibility

  • Participate actively in achieving your goals
  • Tell us when you can’t attend a service or appointment
  • Treat others with respect
  • Share any information that can assist work

How to use our services

YFS Connect logo

At YFS the first point of contact for new users is called YFS Connect.

YFS Connect provides information, referral and assessment services across YFS and external organisations.

We deliver crisis response for people experiencing homelessness and financial stress.

When you phone or visit YFS you will speak to YFS Connect.

We can help you with:

  • – information about internal and external services
  • – referrals to YFS programs and other organisations
  • – applications for YFS supported housing
  • – information about emergency accommodation
  • emergency relief (available at YFS and other organisations in Logan and surrounding areas)
  • – financial counselling (including problem gambling)
  • – Money Smart financial management and planning (including home energy related issues)
  • – and tenancy advice.

YFS Connect can help you resolve your financial difficulties and increase your ability to make confident financial decisions.

How we can help


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