Mental health

YFS’ Personal Helpers and Mentors Program (PHaMs) provides a non- clinical, practical, service to people with a severe mental illness which significantly affects their ability to manage daily activities and live independently (psycho-social disability).

The service is primarily focused on helping people prepare for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


How we can help

We help people who meet NDIS age and residency requirements to test their eligibility for NDIS supports, and prepare all required documentation to make the transition as smooth as possible. We also link people with activities or services in the community that can help reduce isolation and improve someone’s sense of purpose and self.

Who is eligible

People with a psycho-social disability, who have :

  1. a mental illness that is likely to require support across their lifetime, with a
  2. significant functional impact on day to day living tasks, which
  3. limits their ability to participate in the community.

Client story

Marjorie is 32 and has struggled with mental health problems for as long as she can remember.

She has faced huge life stresses, but the benefits of counselling and working closely with an YFS worker has led Marjorie to a major change in her life.

How to use our services

YFS understands it is hard to ring without knowing exactly what to ask for, that’s why we have one central door for all new people, called YFS Connect.

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