#R4Respect is an education and prevention strategy led by young people in Logan and surrounds to prevent anti-social behaviour and violence. Fifteen #R4Respect Youth Ambassadors have signed up to create and share messages that promote the values, skills and knowledge needed for respectful relationships.


#R4Respect encourages the whole community to foster healthier relationships among young people. It is widely supported by Logan businesses, organisations, community groups and government departments.

 #R4Respect messages

Through #R4Respect, young people will create messages and share them through digital media like Instagram and Facebook to reach other young people.

Messages will be consistent with national anti-violence campaigns, and will focus on four themes:

  • We all have the right to be free of abuse and violence.

  • Respect means being fair and valuing others as equals.

  • Value diversity. Value culture. Celebrate difference.

  • Negotiate through disagreements. Don’t hit out.

Components of #R4Respect

This exciting program will incorporate:

  • creative input from young people developing digital strategies and activities to foster respectful relationships
  • peer education for young people
  • public awareness of the #R4Respect messages through media
  • engagement with the wider community to promote respectful relationships.


  • Increased exposure to support young people in Logan to develop respectful relationships
  • Increased public awareness that domestic violence can be reduced through respectful relationships
  • Reduction in domestic violence as public messaging prompts help-seeking behaviour.

R4Respect Evaluation Summary 2016

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Donations and Sponsorship

YFS and the R4Respect Youth Ambassadors acknowledge the following companies, organisations and individuals for their generous support:

  • Paxton-Hall Lawyers
  • Infoxchange Australia
  • Griffith University
  • QUT Business School
  • Queensland Family and Child Commission
  • National Australia Bank
  • The Fox Hotel
  • Logan City Council
  • Old Mac Toyota
  • Presentation Congregation Queensland
  • Diggers Services Club
  • Ms Gay Shears
  • Linus Power MP – Member for Logan
  • Australian Ursulines


Young people empowering young people

YFS is a not-for-profit organisation that runs the R4Respect program. R4Respect engages young people to help tackle the problem of violence against women in the community. It empowers youth ambassadors to visit schools and educate young people about respectful relationships.

The Australian Government made a video about YFS’ youth violence prevention initiative R4Respect as part of a series of profiles of community-based initiatives to tackle violence.

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Have you got what it takes to change things for the better?


YFS Ltd is looking for two Youth Ambassadors to help to lead our exciting new #R4Respect youth domestic violence prevention program. We will provide a $2,000 #R4Respect annual Scholarship to each of the two Youth Ambassadors.

#R4Respect promotes understanding of the values and behaviors required for respectful relationships. It includes delivering educational activities, social media outpost and creating fun community activities that can capture the interest of young people.

We are seeking motivated young people with highly developed social media skills, presentation skills and an interest in violence prevention. The Youth Ambassadors will help to design and implement activities that can attract the interest of young people in the #R4Respect key messages. This will include a focus on digital communication, animation, social media, with mainstream media as well as community awareness and educational activities.

The two Youth Ambassadors will join the existing team of Youth Ambassadors. YFS will provide training, mentoring and support. All expenses will be met by YFS. See our #R4Respect Facebook page for more on what we do.

Preventing abuse and violence by respecting each other

Domestic and family violence is a major public health issue. Far too many people are harmed. This includes children and young people. Domestic violence is preventable.

There is a strong link between abusive, non-respectful attitudes and behaviors that young people see and learn from their own families, and their own use of violent behavior.

To prevent violence, young people, particularly young men and boys, need to know that our community says NO TO VIOLENCE and abuse in relationships. Current attitudes of young people are disturbing. A survey by Our Watch (2015) showed that:

  • 1 in 3 young people don’t think that exerting control over someone else is a form of violence.
  • 1 in 4 young people don’t think it’s serious when guys insult or verbally harass girls in the street.
  • 1 in 4 young people think it’s pretty normal for guys to pressure girls into sex. (ourwatch.org.au)

The #R4Respect four key messages

It is expected that the Youth Ambassadors will support the positive messages of #R4Respect. Four of the key messages are:

1.  We all have the right to be free of abuse and violence.

2. Respect means being fair and valuing others as equals.

3. Value diversity. Value culture. Celebrate difference.

4. Negotiate through disagreements. Don’t hit out.

For messages and ideas on respectful relationships see http://www.theline.org.au

I’m Interested. How do I apply?

YFS Ltd would really like to hear from you if you think you can be an effective Youth Ambassador. We encourage young people from culturally diverse backgrounds to apply. We also prefer the Youth Ambassadors to be residents or have a strong connection to Logan through, for example, your work, sport or study. Write a summary up to 500 words of why you think you should be chosen as a Youth Ambassador for #R4Respect. Use the following headings as a guide:

  • Personal details (name, age, address)
  • Contact Details (email, phone number)
  • Why do you think you can be a good #R4Respect Ambassador?
  • What are your ideas about how the #R4Respect messages can reach young people?
  • How can your digital communication and presentation skills and experience be useful in promoting #R4Respect messages?
  • What is your connection to Logan?
  • Attach a CV/Resume

Email your application to r4respect@yfs.org.au

For further information phone (07) 3826 1500 or email r4respect@yfs.org.au

Youth ambassadors

  • We all have the right to be free of abuse and violence.

  • Respect means being fair and valuing others as equals.

  • Value diversity. Value culture. Celebrate difference.

  • Negotiate through disagreements. Don’t hit out.