Daisey’s story

“It’s all about changing your mind set, being positive, focusing on your future and being ready to change.”

Daisey finds courage, confidence and self-belief

Daisey is working towards achieving her goals with support from YFS and the Johnathan Thurston Academy.

When Daisey first connected with YFS through the Community Youth Justice program she was ready for change.

“One day I looked down at my niece and thought I’m going to do better,” she says. “I’m going to help myself so then I can teach her.”

Daisey didn’t have a clear vision for her future, but she had strong ideas about helping other young Aboriginal people and being a role model for others.

Daisey’s Case Manager, Vicky supported her to plan for her future. Vicky connected Daisey with YFS Legal to help sort out some legal issues. Then she helped Daisey get a proof of identity card, set up a bank account and get a tax file number. YFS and Yourtown also funded driving lessons so she could join the PCYC Braking the Cycle program and work towards getting her driver’s license. All important steps to building her independence.

With Vicky’s guidance, Daisey set some goals and thought about what she wanted to do in her career. It became clear that she was passionate about helping other Aboriginal youth and passing on knowledge about Aboriginal history, culture and way of life.  Now she is on track to making a significant difference, for herself and others.

“You can see how passionate she is,” Vicky says. “She always showed up and she’s so focused now. I’m blown away by her achievements.”

Daisey has already taken part in the Yarning for Change project with the Queensland Family and Child Commission advocating for changes to the Youth Justice system. She put forward her ideas on innovative opportunities to support young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community.

She also participated in the Johnathan Thurston Academy which supports people to reach personal, educational, and career goals. “I was shy at first and didn’t like meeting new people,” she says. “The JT Academy teaches you to believe in yourself. They talk about confidence, courage and self-belief.”

Now, Daisey has an upcoming opportunity to work as a Lionheart Leader with the JT Academy providing leadership, coaching, and mentoring to the younger program participants.

“It’s all about changing your mind set, being positive, focusing on your future and being ready to change.”

Daisey is working towards achieving her goals with ongoing support from Kara in the Youthlink program. She is pursuing her interest in modelling, is practicing for her driving test, and has just finished attending an equine therapy program.

Daisey says that while she wanted to change and was ready to start fresh, she wouldn’t be as far along as she is now if she hadn’t connected with Vicky and the team at YFS. “It was exactly what I needed at the time. Vicky helped me face my fears and get stuff done.”