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The Logan Reporter, Friday 24 June 2016

Logan has topped the list of suburbs with the highest SPER debts in the state.

Queensland Treasury statistics released last week reveal the postcodes of 4207, taking in Beenleigh and Logan Village, and 4114, which includes Logan Central and Woodridge, owe the most in SPER debts across the state, at a combined $46.3 million.

In the 4207 postcode area 8760 people owe a combined $23,895 to SPER for a total 96,815 debts. In the 4114 area, the total number of debts is slightly lower at 87,237 owed by 7853 people.

Unpaid tolls are currently worth $73 million to the State Government.

But drivers are being given a second chance to escape the fines, with government allowing Transurban, the company that manages the toll roads in the southeast, to send drivers a bill before a fine arrives in the mail.

YFS MoneySmart spokeswoman Karen McDermott said help was available to people in financial distress.

“One of the biggest messages is not to ignore a problem or initial fine, because it will escalate,” she said.

Debts spiral in Logan- The Logan Reporter