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Jimboomba Times: Wednesday January 29, 2020

LOGAN businesses are taking a campaign to end domestic and family violence to the streets of Jimboomba.

Businesses and community groups have sponsored banners featuring and-violence messages.

They are part of a campaign by grass-roots alliance Not Now, Not Ever in Logan, and can be seen above Cusack Lane.

Retailers and community centres are urged to display posters, circulate postcards and share social media posts that encourage everyone in Logan to take action.

Community services organisation YFS is coordinating the campaign on behalf of the Not Now, Not Ever in Logan reference group.

“Silence and a lack of knowledge about domestic and family violence allows violence to persist,” YFS chief executive Cath Bartolo said.

“Our new campaign aims to put the spotlight on domestic violence and is backed by an overhauled notinlogan.com.au website, which now explains what violence is and how we can help people in need.

“Importantly, it directs people who are experiencing domestic and family violence to critical advice about staying safe and finding help.

“It also links to websites that can help them work out how safe their relationships are and support them to identify the warning signs of dating violence.”

Ms Bartolo said 30 organisations were involved with the campaign because they recognised domestic violence was tragic and illegal.

“The people involved in this campaign are deter-mined to see a society where violence against women and girls is not tolerated, where people speak out and where no one has to suffer this form of abuse,” she said.

“At the dawn of this new decade, it’s time for everyone in Logan to do everything in our power to end domestic and family violence.”

Banners are also flying above Woodridge and Beenleigh. Posters and postcards are available from the www.notinlogan.com.au website.

The Not Now, Not Ever in Logan Reference Group consists of volunteers who cultivate community action to end domestic and family violence.

Created three years ago, the group brings together local businesses, service clubs, schools, community services organisations, police, and local and state government agencies.

Photo caption: A campaign to end domestic violence is flying above Jimboomba’s streets.