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Help restore hope to families in need

For most of us Christmas and the festive season is a time to celebrate, but for those doing it tough this can be the most challenging time of year.

Financial pressures often increase over Christmas and as the housing crisis worsens, we are seeing more families struggling with housing affordability.

We also know that domestic abuse increases during the holiday season as people spend more time together at home. When mums and their kids escape violence, they usually have to leave everything behind, fleeing with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. 

Your donation can help these families create new, safer lives.

Whether it’s to help someone fill up the petrol tank to go to work, buy a week’s worth of groceries for the family, get kids set up with supplies when they go back to school, or find a safe place for pets – every donation helps.

Read Janelle’s story

Janelle's experience

When I left my ex partner myself and three of my five children were sleeping in a room at my mother's house. I couldn't stay there long term due to overcrowding. We have two cats and a dog who are part of our family and it's distressing for the kids not having them around. I'm struggling to find a secure house where we can all live together. I had no idea where to turn to.

YFS supports families like Janelle’s who are facing homelessness, with immediate financial assistance to help them set up a new home, get children back to school, re-home pets and more.

You can help families like Janelle’s by making a donation today.

* Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the family’s identity