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Albert & Logan News, Thursday 23 June 2016

If Logan had a kindness index, it would have reached new highs last week on the inaugural DoSomething! Day.

Across the city, people made the most of the opportunity and did something nice for someone else.

From small gestures such as buying a coffee for a stranger, to helping out at a school for the disabled, to planting trees, the good deeds were countless they’ve been celebrated on social media in a ground swell of goodwill.

DoSomething! Day- a partnership between Quest Community News and the DoSomething! Charity- was Australia’s biggest celebration of community volunteering and random acts of kindness.

Workers at YFS Substation33, a Kingston electronic waste recycling centre, spent DoSomething Day like it does another- creating positive impacts on unemployment, the environment and education, all at the same time.

More than 40 volunteers a day gain valuable work experience disassembling electronic parts and building 3D printers for Logan based schools, which would have otherwise gone to landfill.

Founder and centre manager Tony Sharp said Substation33 provides an opportunity that would otherwise go without.