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Park Ridge State High School teacher Joseph Wise with YFS’ Social Enterprise Development manager for Substation33, Tony Sharp.

The Logan Reporter, Friday 19th August, 2016

Something very different is happening in the centre of Logan.

One of the city’s latest social enterprises, Substation 33, located at 31 Mary Street, Kingston, is churning through huge bags of plastic to make 3D filament for 3D printers.

Not only are they producing the filament, they are also building 3D printers out of electronic waste.

Founder Tony Sharp said the organisation had become known for its use of 3D printers.

“We make them from electronic waste, all we buy for them is the board and the screening,” he said.

“You can make all different things with them, false arms and legs with the high-end ones.”

While Substation 33 does sell 3D printers to the public, the thing they are most passionate about is helping students at local schools learn how to build them.

“So far we have sent a 3D printer out in kit form to five local high school,” Mr Sharp said.

“They get it in kit form and use videos to built it, it’s an educational tool that is about moving technology in schools forward.”

Park Ridge State High School teacher Joseph Wise said when he first visited Substation 33 he was “blown away”.

“They were taking rubbish and creating something really sophisticated,” he said.

“Now we are building the 3D printers in schools with kids and they are loving it,” Mr Wise said.