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Photo: State Development Minister Cameron Dick, centre, with Substation 33’s Tony Sharp, third right
and YFS chief executive Cath Bartolo, right.

Hackerspace, a breeding ground for creativity

By Judith Kerr, Albert and Logan News | June 21 2018

LOGAN has been named as the home to one of the state’s newest “Hackerspaces”, a technology hub where some of the brightest minds congregate for brain storming.

YFS and Substation 33 at Kingston will get $20,000 from the state government to become a hi-tech hub or “hackerspace”.

Nine other spaces will share in the total $170,000 state funding. The money will be used to develop the Hackerspaces where creative people can design and manufacture new products.

Hackerspaces are part of a global movement which grew out of new technologies such as 3D printers and the availability of fabrication tools.

Kingston’s Substation 33 has received funds to become a Hackerspace.

They are spots for individuals and small businesses to come together to learn faster and exchange skills and capital.

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said he hoped the programs would strengthen regional Queensland’s advanced manufacturing skills and open the way for people to convert ideas into opportunities.

“The grants will mean they can buy equipment such as fabrication machines and 3D printers, run workshops in advanced manufacturing skills, and encourage entrepreneurs and innovators to take the next step to turn their ideas into products,” Mr Dick said.

“We are generating grassroots advanced manufacturing opportunities and equipping the sector for the future by developing accessible spaces where people can come to create advanced technologies and prototypes.”

Manufacturers will be able to approach the hackerspaces and ask for help with manufacturing issues and for advice on solving technical problems.


  • Kingston innovators get $20,000
  • The grants were part of the Queensland Advanced Manufacturing 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan