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The Logan Reporter, Friday 05 February 2016

By: Natasha Pettit
Senior Solicitor

Susan has been in a motor vehicle accident with another person, what should she do?

Susan must report the accident to the police if there has been a death or injury, the vehicle is not driveable and a driver fails to provide required details.

When the police attend the accident, they may test Susan and the other driver for drugs and/or alcohol.

The police will ask questions about the accident; Susan, the other driver and the witnesses must cooperate. It can be a criminal offence not to answer police questions or to provide false information about a traffic incident.

If someone is injured, Susan must remain at the scene until the police arrive, unless she leaves to seek medical help for herself or the injured person.

Susan should obtain the contact details from the other driver involved and witnesses and take photos of any damage. If Susan has insurance she should let her insurer know as soon as possible that there has been an accident.

If Susan or the other party do not have insurance and want the other party to pay for the damages but they cannot agree, they will have to seek the money through the courts.

Susan has six years to claim for motor vehicle damage against another person, but she should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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