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As an organisation, YFS proudly and publicly backed a yes vote in the Voice Referendum.

We accepted the gracious invitation expressed in the Uluru Statement from the Heart to support Constitutional recognition and a Voice to Parliament.

We are very disappointed with the outcome of the Referendum. 

YFS still says YES.

We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first peoples of Australia.

We commit to listening to the insights of First Nations Elders, people and communities, and learning from them. 

We will back First Nations communities’ efforts for change and self-determination. 

We thank the leaders and community members who worked so hard to create and share their vision for a better future, and we regret deeply that the wider community has not supported their modest request.

While the overall vote was defeated, it is important to remember that nearly 6 million Australians voted in support of the Voice. This gives us some hope.

We will continue to back First Nations people.