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Jimboomba Times, Monday 18 July, 2016

By: Member for Logan Linus Power MP

Young people can get a bad rap sometimes so that is why it was all the more impressive to see young leaders working together to make a difference at the R4Respect forum on Innovation in Youth Participation at the Logan Campus of Griffith University.

Although the forum had the support of local organisations YFS and Griffith University, the forum itself was run by young volunteer leaders, Jennifer Uwineza and Joshua Boardman from R4Respect. R4Respect ambassadors work to foster healthier relationships and work to prevent abusive or violent behaviours in our Logan area.

The youth ambassadors know that by taking a stand they can break the cycle of violence in their generation.

It is fantastic to see these young leaders take on the responsibility of managing a civic organisation, coordinating events, providing feedback for government, and inspiring others.

The Forum on Innovation in Youth Participation brought together many Logan Youth organisations to share their ideas on involving young people in creating a better Logan.

At the event two youth leaders from highly successful youth-lead organisations spoke about the challenge of running youth civic organisations.

Gaby Perdomo from Oaktree runs a youth organisation that aims to end poverty through fundraising and advocacy.

When volunteers reach 26 they leave the organisation ensuring that the top of the organisation has young leaders.

David Cazzulino from the Australian Youth Climate Change Coalition spoke of focussing campaigns to raise awareness on the need to shift to financing clean green energy for the future of young Australians.

Even if you don’t agree with what they are working towards you would have been inspired by their passion for creating and building civic organisations to discuss and promote ideas about our society.

I know that the campaign against violence by the youth ambassadors from R4Respect and the many other youth civic organisations will benefit enormously from this sharing of ideas on how to innovatively involve youth and improve our community.

Youth making a difference- Jimboomba Times