YFS Legal

YFS Legal is a community legal centre servicing clients in Logan and surrounding areas.  
YFS Legal specialise in providing information, advice and representation for young people aged between 10 – 25 years in relation to criminal law matters; other legal matters can be considered for eligibility.  We also provide a fortnightly duty lawyer service at the Beenleigh Children’s Court on Tuesday mornings.

YFS Legal also provide one-off free legal advice appointment on family, civil, tenancy and criminal law matters.  There are certain areas of law that YFS Legal cannot assist with, such as personal injury, business matters or advice to landlords.

YFS Legal run regular clinics at a number of locations.  If we can assist with a specific matter an appointment may be made - you need an appointment in order to attend.

For one-off advice, each appointment is limited to 20 to 30 minutes. 
To make the most out of every appointment please remember to:
•    Have a clear understanding of the facts of your matter
•    Bring all relevant paperwork 
•    Make all attempts to obtain the names of any other people involved in it
•    Have a specific legal question to ask
•    Keep to the main issue during the session to ensure the best use of the appointment

Make an Appointment by phoning (07) 3826 1599