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The Logan Reporter, Friday 15 April 2016

Natasha Pettit
YFS Senior solicitor

Tom wants to buy a used car, what should he be aware of?

Tom needs to make sure he knows exactly what he is buying and that he is not purchasing a ‘lemon’.

Tom should get the car checked by a mechanic to make sure there aren’t any faults with the car. Even though the car should have a safety certificate, it only reports on the road worthiness of the car, therefore, there can still be huge mechanical problems with the car that can be costly to fix.

Tom needs to make sure that no one else has a claim over the car. For example the car could be subject to a hire purchase agreement, so Tom needs to check the Personal Properties Register.

Tom needs to understand that there is a difference in the level of protection offered to him depending on if he buys the car from a used car dealer or from a private sale.

For example if the car breaks down after Tom takes the car home, and he bought the car from a used car salesman, the car may be under a warranty. Tom should get legal advice to see if the warranty applies to his situation.

If he bought the car from private sale there is no such warranty. If Tom has any trouble with his car, he should seek legal advice immediately to see what his options are.
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