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The Logan Reporter, Friday 29 April 2016

By: Natasha Pettit
YFS Senior Solicitor

Ann’s neighbour Tim plays loud music during the day and his dog barks constantly, what are Ann’s legal rights to stop the noise?

If Ann feels safe to do so, she should try and talk to Tim about the problem.

In order to try and resolve the issue with Tim, Ann should stay calm and try to be constructive and suggest solutions instead of blaming Tim.

If Ann and Tim cannot come to an agreement Ann could invite Tim to mediation, which involves a neutral third party as the Mediator and Tim and Ann can try to come to an agreement.

The Mediator will not force an agreement on Ann or Tim. Ann can contact the South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre on 1800 017 288.

Ann could also contact her local council in relation to the dog’s barking if talking to Tim doesn’t work.

The Council will investigate the barking and if they feel the barking noise is excessive they can issue a notice to Tim requesting that the barking noise stop.

Ann could also contact the police in relation to the loud music.

Police can ask Tim to stop the loud music any time of the day if they consider that the noise is loud enough to affect Ann’s quality of life.

Ann could also sue Tim in the local courts; she should get specific legal advice about this.
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