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Queensland is experiencing an unprecedented housing crisis. Affordable housing supply is limited, more individuals and families are presenting as homeless for the first time, and there is limited crisis and emergency accommodation available.

Every day at YFS we are seeing more and more people in crisis with nowhere to live.

We believe that secure housing is a basic right and is fundamental to achieving independence and participation. Children cannot thrive when their families don’t have secure homes.

As we approach the end of financial year, can you help YFS to support people facing homelessness?

Your donation can:

  • Help pay for temporary accommodation for individuals and families with nowhere to go
  • Help set up a new home with essential supplies for women fleeing domestic violence
  • Assist a family pay rent in advance so they can secure a home.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

You can help people like Shana*

Shana escaped domestic violence and lives in fear of her ex-partner finding out where she lives. She has been on the waiting list for social housing for two years. She was living in a private rental until her landlord decided to sell the house and she received notice that her lease was ending. She was unable to find new housing for her and her children despite applying for more than 40 properties. YFS supported Shana’s family to find a place to live and to set up a new home.

Sadly, there are many more people like Shana and her family who need help, now. With your support we can assist more people.

Help restore hope to people in need.


*Name and photo changed for privacy