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Through a partnership with Micah Projects and the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness, the Logan Advance to Zero Homelessness Project will commence in Logan City with the aim of reducing overall homelessness in Logan City and end rough sleeping by 2025.

Led by YFS in Logan, this is a community-based project to build support to end homelessness in the Logan area, starting with rough sleeping. The issue of homelessness cannot be solved with just one person or one organisation. The project will work collaboratively across organisations, health-care services, government, agencies and the community, to ensure homelessness is rare, brief and a one time occurrence in our community.

Using data we can change how we work and the impact that we collectively achieve to create solutions that prevent homelessness. Logan data will be used to inform service system improvements and advocate for change needed to fill gaps in services in the region.

Together we can prove that homelessness is solvable.

About the Advance to Zero campaign

The Advance to Zero campaign is a national movement of communities working together to permanently house and support Australia’s most vulnerable people starting with rough sleeping – including individuals, families, and children living in cars, squats, motels and cycling through short-term accommodation options.

The campaign supports community-based efforts to build public support for ending homelessness and political support for renewed Commonwealth and State investment in housing, support services and healthcare for the most vulnerable.

The campaign is inspired by 100,000 Homes campaign in the United States and the 20,000 Homes campaign in Canada and has been adapted to work in the Australian context.

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Logan Zero is funded by Sisters of Mercy, Brisbane Congregation