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Resolve is a new program working with young people who are at risk of entering the youth justice system. The aim is to divert them from anti-social and offending behaviours. The team supports young people to re-engage with education, work and community.

Resolve is a pilot program that is funded until April next year. We are seeking long-term funding to continue the program beyond this.

With the end of financial year approaching, can you help support Resolve?

Every dollar raised will go towards helping us to keep this initiative going.

Many diversion programs work with people who are already in the justice system. Resolve is an early intervention program. It engages with at-risk young people early and helps them get their lives back on track.

Through community outreach, we visit hot spot locations in Logan to meet young people where they hang out. We also provide diversionary activities introducing young people to safe pro-social activities.

Where the magic happens is through our intensive coaching. Our coaches act as positive mentors. They help young people to achieve their goals by providing support and assistance.

These young people are facing a range of complex issues. Coaches focus on the factors that may be contributing to their anti-social behaviour or offending. Resolve’s intensive and flexible approach allows the coaches to work closely with young people to create positive change.

As one young person we worked with said, “My coach opened my mindset to try new things and leave the old me behind. My confidence changed and I got a paid job.”

If you want to find out more about Resolve you can watch our short video.

This is important work. Our community partners tell us that it is working. Our research shows that the young people we work with are meeting their goals, have improved their level of hope, have increased their life skills, and have improved their wellbeing.

Please help us support young people to get their lives back on track.

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