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The launch of a trauma responsive practice framework has reinforced YFS’ commitment to responding in the best ways possible to people who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

People seeking our assistance are likely to have experienced trauma in childhood and/or at later points in their lives.

They may be living through traumatising situations and circumstances at the time of our contact with them.

In providing our services, we are committed to a strengths-based approach that recognises trauma, understands the effects it has on individuals, families and communities and is sensitive and responsive to these effects.

We believe that through this approach, our needs-based service delivery will also support healing and recovery from trauma.

The YFS Trauma Responsive Practice Framework is based on research and input from YFS staff.

It outlines a YFS understanding of trauma and its impacts and helps us respond to people who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

The framework is based on five principles:

  • safety: facilitating physical, emotional and cultural safety
  • trustworthiness: creating trustworthiness through clarity, consistency, and interpersonal boundaries
  • choice: maximising choice and control
  • collaboration: promoting collaboration and sharing of power
  • empowerment: prioritising empowerment and skill-building.

Please take a moment to read it.

>> Download the YFS Trauma Responsive Practice Framework